Indigenous communities

Indigenous natural reserves

The Budhi Foundation works directly with Indigenous Organizations of Colombia, without intermediaries, carrying out sustainable development projects through specialized training people in technical activities for each project.

In recent years we have established contact with approximately 11 communities, of the 19 that exist within the Colombian Amazon trapezium; they have accepted our proposals for training. These communities are in charge of the Ticuna, Kokamas and Yagua peoples.

Every year we create volunteer missions with experts in health, alternative therapies, education, agriculture, civil engineering and architecture to deliver practical knowledge that can be learned in a short space of time. This information is supplemented with the immediate and practical start-up of projects and the learning process is 100% effective.



We train people, educate them and offer alternatives to solving their needs without intervention or imposing European models. Neither the Foundation nor the expert team do anything for anyone. All execution is carried out by the members of each community.

A project for each village.

BeAmazon personalize support for each community based on their specific needs culture, area and population. We travel to each community doing field research and collecting information and then present projects that can run without investing large amounts of money.

We want to make small changes in awareness and demonstrate that money is just a little help. Knowing how to manage the riches and the raw material of the environment is essential in developing projects that require little financial investment.

If you are interested in our project and want to actively collaborate with us by contributing your experience and knowledge, contact us at and be our next volunteer on the annual missions to the Amazon.