Are you having an existential crisis? Do you need to take an important decision for your life ? Do you want to escape from everyday life? Read on, this may interest you.

If you like new challenges, learning from other cultures, experiencing internal changes in a short space of time, this is your moment. From this year the Foundation Budhi gives you the unique opportunity to face your own limitations and mental beliefs in a naturally wild space: The Amazon.

This is an experiential immersion that you will never have experienced before in spiritual retreats you’ve been on.

For these discovery trips, we have a team of specialized coaches to assist with your spiritual psychology 24h a day for 7 days immersion. Every day we work closely with you to overcome the fears, limitations, problems and difficulties we face during the mission. Each individual’s emotional growth times are respected by the coaches and there is no obligation on anybody to complete the internal emotional journey.

The Budhi Foundation gives you the privilege of living with Amazonian indigenous communities and witnessing their culture.

The Foundation provides first aid for diarrhea, insomnia, healing, constipation, burns, shock, anxiety, low defenses, urinary tract infection, fatigue or low blood pressure, snake bites.

Requirements to go on InmersiónBe:

  1. Rest Kit (hammock / sleeping bag / tent)
  2. Cleaning Kit (organic soap, fiber towel, flip flops)
  3. Security Kit (boots, knife, flashlight, insect repellent, mosquito net, water bottle with filter)
  4. Budhi donation to the Foundation to fund projects for BeAmazon.

Do you want to know about upcoming trips and forms of donation? write to or call us at 635-59-29-21. We will be happy to meet you and explain our services in more detail. Do not miss this opportunity. There are only 7 people on each trip.

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