Mind and Body

We are dedicated professionals who daily help others in training, care and healing of mind and body.

Within indigenous reservations both men and women practice football and are expert swimmers and runners. During the 2014 mission within the team of volunteers we were accompanied by physiotherapist and specialist in osteopathy Monica Gonzalez. Her service was to teach football training routines, playing techniques, muscular stretching and warming up to avoid further injury.

This year we implemented soccer sports in the Ronda community.

  • 11 shirts women
  • 11 t-shirts
  • 22 shorts
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • 2 goalkeeper suits
  • 1 ball

If you have a company that is engaged in the sale or distribution of sports equipment, you are the person we need.

In past missions, we have verified that sport is a great tool to help young people with drug and alcohol problems. Help us keep the communities free of these bad habits by contributing to the provision of sports equipment. (Volleyball, soccer, swimming, athletics, basketball)

Do you identify with this project? Would you like to volunteer with any discipline that you practice? Are you good at teaching? It is essential for this project that the volunteer knows how to transmit knowledge to others. There is no need to make a masterclass, it creates dependency. What they do need from you is your knowledge or techniques which will stay with them so they can implement them when the mission ends.

Do you dare? Write to info@fundacionbudhi.org and tell us what you want to give communities.

You can help improve the quality of life by deciding to make a single or monthly donation. The minimum amount to support this project is 10 €, but please feel welcome to contribute more if you wish to do so.