Rain water collection and new roofs

In all the communities visited we found that the system used for collecting rain water was through the ceilings in their homes via metal channels. A large percentage of the roofs in the homes of the indigenous reservations are corrugated iron (see photos), so that rainwater, first passes over the roofs which in many cases are already oxidized   filling the storage tank with Heavy water, polluting and carcinogenic for the human body.

After investigation in several communities on possible solutions to change the roofs we conclude that the most effective, economical and optimal solution to resolve the problem of potable water is to remove the metal roofs and install roofs made of clay tiles.

Advantages of clay roofing tiles:

  1. Free raw material.
  2. Noise insulation.
  3. Insulating hot / cold.
  4. Biodegradable.
  5. No pollution to the environment.
  6. No contaminated rainwater with heavy metals.
  7. Channels could be created using the tiles to redirect the water to the storage tanks.
  8. Possible source of income.

All the advantages of using Clay are shown to each village we visit during our volunteer mission projects.

Do you have experience in artisan or bio construction? We are open to improve the proposals we bring to the Amazon. So if you are a craftsman, creative or bio constructor please go ahead and write to us at info@fundacionbudhi.org and tell us how we can help improve the quality of life of indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon.