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The overall objective of this workshop is to obtain the skills and abilities necessary for the preparation of a liquid separator clay which will be the key instrument for the implementation of dry toilets and improve the quality of life of the indigenous groups that inhabit the Colombian Amazon

Using traditional techniques, this workshop will help with locating, selecting, obtaining and handling of raw materials (clay loam) that later will be used in the molding process and construction of the liquid separator.

In addition to developing the “separator” the master artisan construction techniques taught about artisan ovens for baking the clay.

Another important point in these workshops is to produce tiles and bricks with the same clay, the raw material for the construction of new housing.

Other workshops

BIO-CONSTRUCTION WITH BAMBOO. Guadua is a plant genus of the subfamily of Bamboo. It is considered as one of the most representative of the Andean forests native plants. This resource has been used since ancient times by the early settlers of the Andes, and is currently being used, especially in the western center of Colombia-region. Its use is so old that, according to the book ‘New Bamboo construction techniques’ (1978) in Ecuador imprints were found of bamboo constructions estimated to be 9500 years old.

Suspension bridges and cable-stayed stunning precision engineering, powerful vessels and pipes, flutes and marimbas were made by the Incas with this resource during the time of pre-conquest, and afterwards during the colonial period. The Indians hid themselves and even small villages behind the guadua and were protected during the Spanish siege because of it.

Guadua applications in construction

For centuries bamboo has traditionally been used as a building material, and now, due to the current trend of seeking materials for sustainable development, this plant has earned a place in the building. Since rural dwellings are built with adobe in rural areas where the frame is built with bamboo poles, bamboo is exported to develop projects in countries where there is no plant. They have also built houses with mixed techniques.

Click on these links and see how we learned the technique for building a cabin to install a dry toilet.

Guadua Tutorial Part 1

Guadua Tutorial Part 2

Guadua Tutorial Part 3

Guadua Tutorial Part 4



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