Waste Management

BeAmazon aims to create a base structure for communities which lack potable water, sewage / gray water. With no basic sanitation, these indigenous people find it difficult to envisage any future community and economic development.

Previously we thought about building a sewage system. Today we have moved to the construction and installation of “dry toilets” to replace existing septic tanks which currently pollute the river.

Dry toilets result in savings of more than 85% compared to that of the investment in a Western infrastructure, copied from the big cities. Dry toilets respect the environment and work in accordance with the natural energy cycle. This solution also helps to avoid wasting 3,000 liters of water per household per month.

The system helps to separate solid waste from liquid storing them in different compartments. The solid is mixed with lime or organic matter (dirt, sand, dead leaves) to facilitate the process of decomposition and creating fertilizer. The urine can be used mixed with water (1: 2) to water the plants. The urine that is not mixed with water, can burn vegetation and damage crops

Click on these links and see the technique for building a cabin in which a dry toilet can be installed.

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