BeAmazon is a social-environmental project managed by Foundation Budhi and aimed at indigenous communities throughout the Amazon territory. It aims to bring knowledge to the inhabitants of these villages, through various workshops, allowing them to resolve some of their basic needs as a society.

Browse our gallery of videos where you can find additional information concerning the problems in the Amazon. From animations that create awareness, to interviews and documentaries about the current situation that threatens the world’s largest rain forest. The indiscriminate felling of trees and the sale and illegally exported timber to first world markets and the high demand in the world meat market, are issues that you will see developed in the videos we have prepared for you.

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All the projects that that are offered to indigenous reserves must not create any dependence through their execution, but rather, should contribute to the creation of new knowledge. All projects contribute to sustainable development in an endangered natural area and are a human co-production of wills to grow and learn from each other. If you want to know more about these projects click on the button DO

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