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Interview with one of our volunteers

Alexie Bouttier is a Chiropractor who gave her time and heart to our 2014 Beamazon mission

Call in flames

Campaign awakening of consciousness.
The Budhi Foundation shows how some human habits are destroying the planet.

Save a tree for less – Amazon Rainforest in danger

BeAmazon is an environmental project that is currently being developed for the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous communities. At this time 1.5 billion acres are in danger of extinction because some governments of the countries that sharing the Amazon are selling safeguards, ecological and nature reserves, to private companies for land use. Budhi Foundation in Colombia and Be Association in Spain are working together to raise funds and allocate them to the recovery of indigenous lands. Help us and join us. Enter

Keep the oil in the ground

The survival of humanity does not depend on burning two-thirds of global oil reserves, so we must act now to limit the extraction of fossil fuels. The Amazon basin is rich in biodiversity and is an area keystone in the fight against climate change because it regulates the health of our planet and drives global weather patterns. Preserving the most important components to our survival from the Amazon to the Arctic is the solution to prevent climate chaos. That is why we are calling worldwide to keep the oil underground, starting with the Amazon.

Please act today and share this video with everyone you know who likes breathing air.

Documentary: Wild Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is developed around the Amazon River and its watershed. High temperatures favor the development of a dense and lush, evergreen vegetation. The title of The Lungs of the Planet which the Amazon holds is no accident, as it keeps a climate balance: the inputs and outputs of CO2 and O2 are balanced.